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Beloved Certification Assessment

Beloved Certification Assessment

Beloved Certification Assessment

Juliana is available for Beloved Certifications throughout Europe besides the Netherlands  UK and North France. Please contact us to if interested to hear if we will be near you soon. 

- You will need to have completed "Beloved Online Training I" in order to be awarded your Certification. 
- The Certification Assessment has three parts, which all affect the overall score: a short theory section, a main practical section in the form of a live demonstration shoot with a couple in front of Juliana Wiklund and image submission from the shoot to the Beloved Collective. You are responsible for brining your own muses to the certification. 

In the situation where you don't achieve a passing score during the Assessment, you will be given feedback and asked to work on the areas you scored too low in, and will be able to take another assessment free of charge at the next possible opportunity. 

Practical Assessment
During the practical section of the Assessment, please approach the couple as you would in your own Beloved Shoots. 

Evidence Assessment
We require you to send us one image you took during each invitation within 10 days of the practical assessment to

Theory Assessment
The theory assessment will happen shortly before your live demonstration.

Email to book a date for your assessment or if you have any questions. 

1300 SEK