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The Playful Heart Essential Set- TEENS ENGLISH

The Playful Heart Essential Set- TEENS ENGLISH

“The Essential Set TEENS” is the introductory set of experiential cards for The Playful Heart Collection, focusing in the photography of family with teens or  young adults. Contained within this set, you will find the basic information necessary to apply the photographic style, approach and technique developed by Juliana Wiklund. With playful and heartwarming interactions designed to evoke feeling in family  sessions, this set includes three intensity levels with over 20 games within the same concept of our other Playful Heart cards:  Trust, Play and Love sessions. 

We have also joined forces with and from them you can also order a document with questions already prepared for your to send the families prior to your shoots:

(ONLY IN SWEDISH RIGHT NOW, but Portuguese, Dutch and English versions are in the making!)

You will receive these cards in JPG and PDF which you can have on your iphone / iPad or print to always bring in your Magic Bag!

 Allow us a couple of days to send you the cards, but if you haven't heard of us a week after you've bought your product, please contact us!

890 SEK